I don’t have any upper body strength; can I still participate in these styles of classes?

Yes, of course you can. Our classes will build your strength as time goes on. You will notice a big improvement in just a matter of weeks.


I’m not a spring chicken any-more, does that matter?
No of course not, we have students of all ages, shapes and sizes in our classes. Our eldest student at one time was 64!!


I am quite shy and nervous about joining in a group class is there an alternative?

Yes, we offer private lessons. They are £25.00/hour for a 1-2-1 or £35.00/hour for a 2-2-1 (£17.50each) and can be booked around your own schedule subject to studio availability. They can really help in this situation.


Will I have to go upside down on my first pole class?

No, you need to have a certain amount of strength and pole awareness before learning to invert. If you skip the basics and rush your learning then you risk causing injury to yourself. Our lessons are structured starting with basic spins and climbs, gradually building your strength and awareness of the pole. I cannot put an exact timescale on it as ability varies person to person but generally you will be ready for inverting after just a couple of months after completing Beginners & Spins 2 courses.