If I can do it, you can too! I went from never having done a single hoop class, to executing 7 tricks which I would have thought entirely beyond me.. and in a single lesson! I cannot help but think it was down to, not only the excellent tuition and support I got from my teacher, but the camaraderie that exists between the students who welcomed me in like an old friend and encouraged me all the way. It was incredibly rewarding. I even got pictures from that very first class that even I am proud of! :))) “
Anna Young. Age 43
“I absolutely love Aerial hoop and Pole Fitness! I thought I’d be no good due to me still carrying some baby weight, but I soon noticed my strength build up as well as the pounds dropping off and my body toning up. The more I learned the more my confidence grew. I couldn’t think of my life without Halo now I’m a true hoop and pole addict and so could you”
Katie Bolton, Age 29
“The thought of a 50 year old guy, (a smoker at that) attending his very first aerial hoop class sounds daunting however after my first class I just have to put pen to paper, metaphorically speaking, and congratulate everybody involved for making it such a fun and pleasant experience. After being challenged to try a class out my other half and I booked a private lesson on Sunday morning. Bearing in mind that she is an ultra fit Zumba instructor with some experience of both hoop and pole to say I was nervous was an understatement! We were greeted by Amanda who was lovely and very patient, she soon put my nerves at rest and after a briefing on safety, followed by a warm up soon had me climbing all over the hoops. Amanda’s confidence in my ability combined with her relaxed, confident manner turned what was initially a terrifying idea into a fabulous hour of fun. Both Anna and I enjoyed the lesson so much that we remained at the studio to participate in the hoop jam which followed. I was the only guy present and the ladies who attended were all lovely and friendly, they went out of their way to make me feel welcome, I cannot wait for my next session and cannot recommend your studio or your staff highly enough. Anyone who is reading this and thinking about going but isn’t sure if it is for them, try it, you will love it and, it is a great way to keep fit without even realising it”
Craig Shafer Age 50
“I love going to pole, it makes me strong, keeps me fit and I always feel good when I’ve finished a class. Claire’s a great instructor and slows moves down so I can see how to do it…really good for uncoordinated people like me! Halo is brilliant because everyone in the classes are friendly, everyone’s got different strengths but we all cheer each other on when we finally get a move we’ve been working on for ages. It’s just a nice atmosphere to be in. I’ve tried some other places when my work meant I couldn’t make my class but I always ended up back at Halo because I missed the friendly girlie chat. Come to Halo if you’re a bit nervous about trying something new, after a couple of seasons you’ll feel like you’ve been going for ages. If you’re happy to jump straight in Halos got a ready made group of friends for you to meet!”
Sophie Ashmore Age 29
I have done hoop, pole, silks and circus skills with halo. Every class has been fun and varied. All the instructors are so welcoming and supportive. Even when i have had a bad day and just think i can’t do it. They support me through and by the end of the class i am bouncing off the walls with energy and positivity from succeeding at what i have been trying. Can’t recommend the girls enough ❤ xx 
Sarah Jane Waddicor
Reviews on our Facebook Page..
“Awesome! Addictive, fun and great for increasing strength and flexibility”
Amy Wynne
“Fantastic exercise, lots of fun and a great group of people! Very friendly and welcoming classes” 
Lyndsey Hopkinson